Petheads on AOL Instant Messenger

Main Entry: Pethead
Pronunciation: 'pet-hed
Function: noun
Etymology: Word created by Nancy Kucharski and sanctioned by John Schlitt
Date: February, 2000
1 : a fan of Christian rock band Petra, <Look at that Pethead, buying fifty copies of "Vertical Expressions" to give to everyone he knows!>
2 : someone who spends all of his free time at The Petra Zone, <Isn't 99 posts in one day enough for that Pethead?>
3 : any die-hard fan of Petra, <Let's go wait in line for Petra concert tickets all night with the rest of the Petheads!>

Album cover ANIMATED Album cover not animated Jekyll & Hyde Teaser HEY... Click one of the pictures at right to use one of these Petra images as your AOL Buddy Icon!

Animated "Revival" icon created by Daniel Abbey - Petra I

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