Come And Join Us
(Myrrh, 1977)

God Gave Rock And Roll To You [buy WMA]
Ask Him In [buy WMA]
Sally [buy WMA]
Without You I Would Surely Die [buy WMA]
Come And Join Us [buy WMA]
Where Can I Go [buy WMA]
Holy Ghost Power [buy WMA]
Woman Don't You Know [buy WMA]
God Gave Rock And Roll To You (reprise) [buy WMA]

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(The above song order is from the cassette. From the album version:)

God Gave Rock And Roll To You
Holy Ghost Power
Woman Don't You Know
Come And Join Us
Where Can I Go
Without You I Would Surely Die
Ask Him In
God Gave Rock And Roll To You (reprise)

all songs written by Robert M. Hartman unless otherwise indicated

Bob Hartman - Guitars, Vocals
Greg Hough - Guitars, Vocals
John DeGroff - Bass

Drums: Bill Glover
Keyboards: Steve McElyea
Percussions: Steve Mergen, Allen C. Hornung, Steve Pfeiffer, Cowbell Bob, Houghie I, Steve Camp, Bill Glover
Vocals: Greg X. Volz, Steve Camp, Karen Morrison, Austin Roberts

produced by Austin Roberts

cover art: Dennis Bellie
logo: Craig Yoe, Yoe-Yoe Studio, Akron, Ohio

("God Gave Rock And Roll To You" was originally recorded in 1973 by secular rock group Argent)

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cover art:
This cover has a fairy-tale look to it; there is a pilgrim in Robin Hood-like costume at bottom center who is talking to a group of people along the side of the road or path which he is traveling toward the castle in the top left corner. There is a stone wall at his left (or behind him as he talks to the group), maybe to symbolize verse one of the title track: "We are like stones, built together in a wall..." And the cover overall represents the later verse: "We are like pilgrims and strangers in this world..." The "Petra" logo which is superimposed over the picture has a "Crusades" look to it; the letters are lower-case calligraphic characters except for the "T", which is much larger and in the shape of a cross. "Come And Join Us" is written across the bottom of the word "Petra" on a waving banner ("...Lifting our blood-stained banner, our flag has been unfurled...")

Michael's review:
This one is quite a contrast to Petra, but it's still great and one of my favorites. For a fan of mid-eighties Petra this version of "God Gave Rock And Roll To You" may be quite a surprise, and fans who have worn out their copies of Captured in Time & Space may recognize a stray guitar lick in the beautiful acoustic intro to this version. "Ask Him In" is one of the clearest "invitation" songs I've ever heard: "Now that you've heard the music, where do you go from here? You see, music only takes you to the place where you're ready to hear... Jesus is holding out His love to you, but He made it so that you've got to choose; how can you walk away empty again when you know that you've got nothing to lose?" The hot guitar double leads are still here all throughout. "Holy Ghost Power" was apparently Petra's experiment with funk, just as "Lucas McGraw" from the Petra debut album was an experiment in country. "Woman Don't You Know" has a mile-long drum solo, Space-Invaders sound effects included so you don't get bored. "Where Can I Go" is a great example of that Hartman imagination again: "I could take a submarine to Atlantis, I could take a flying saucer to Mars, and I could ride on the Milky Way someday, but You've already conquered the stars... Where can I go without Your love there to haunt me? I do believe You're playin' to win!" If you like the late '70s rock sound you'll "dig" this one.

Trivial side note: "Killing My Old Man" was almost included on this album, but because of the prevalence of "death rock" at the time they thought twice about it. They toyed with the idea of including a live version with an explanation of the lyrics at the beginning, but in the end they decided to leave it off. It appeared years later on Never Say Die.
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