God Fixation
(Word, 1998)

If I Had to Die For Someone [buy WMA]
Hello Again [buy WMA]
A Matter of Time [buy WMA]
Falling Up [buy WMA]
Over the Horizon [buy WMA]
God Fixation [buy WMA]
Set For Life [buy WMA]
Magnet of the World [buy WMA]
Shadow of a Doubt [buy WMA]
St. Augustine's Pears [buy WMA]
The Invitation [buy WMA]

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Lead Vocals: John Schlitt
Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Pete Orta
Guitars: Kevin Brandow
Bass: Lonnie Chapin
Drums: Louie Weaver

Additional musicians:
Robert Freeman - violin
Brian Wooten - Guitars
Bob Hartman - Guitars
George Marinelli - Guitars
Jeff Roach - Organ & Keyboards

Backing vocals - Lonnie Chapin, Kevin Brandow, Pete Orta, John Schlitt and John Elefante

Recorded and mixed at The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN
Additional recording at The Snack Bar, Brentwood, TN
Engineered and mixed by J.R. McNeely - "The Invitatino" mixed by Richie Biggs
Assisted by Todd Gunnerson, Tim Coyle and Matt Weeks
Technical assistance - Jay Wilkerson
Mastered by Ken Love at Mastermix, Nashville, TN
Art direction: Beth Lee Design: Kevin Tucker
Photography: Robert M. Ascroft II
Additional photography by Kevin Tucker
Grooming: Melissa S. Styling: Susan Bessire

NOTE: according to Kevin Brandow's Web site, Kevin played the drums on the tune, "Hello Again," on the God Fixation record. For reasons unknown, Word Records left this fact off the credits.

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Michael's review:
God Fixation is now officially one of my FAVORITE Petra albums! The sound is fresh and up, and the lyrics are some of Bob Hartman's best. I haven't had a chance to write my "real" review yet, but until I do I thought I would post this review I wrote to submit to CD Now. It's very short (it had to be less than 225 words), so there's not a lot of detail... I'll get to the details later. Stay tuned!

Petra has gone through many stylistic periods in their long history, but the music on their latest offering, God Fixation, is among their best yet. The three new members, who toured with Petra for Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus but had minimal studio influence on that project, are spreading their wings now, bringing the band's sound a new freshness. Fans of bands such as Matchbox 20 and Collective Soul will be very happy with the jangly, guitar-laden sound of this offering, and although it is more similar to lead singer John Schlitt's two solo albums than to Petra's other efforts, hard-core Petra fans will find a happy surprise late in the album with "St. Augustine's Pears", which is classic Petra if anything is. There is funk here ("God Fixation"), headbanging rock ("A Matter Of Time"), and introspective ballading ("Shadow of a Doubt", "Falling Up", and the vaguely King's X-ish "Magnet of the World"), and the lyrics show an introspective maturity that surely reflects principal songwriter Bob Hartman's retirement from touring. Of all of Petra's albums (and I have them all), this is one of the most personal, and in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable.
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