Unseen Power
(Word, 1991)

Destiny [buy WMA]
Who's On The Lord's Side [buy WMA]
Ready, Willing And Able [buy WMA]
Hand On My Heart [buy WMA]
I Need To Hear From You [buy WMA]
Dance [buy WMA]
Secret Weapon [buy WMA]
Sight Unseen [buy WMA]
Hey World [buy WMA]
In The Likeness Of You [buy WMA]

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all songs written by Bob Hartman unless otherwise indicated

Bob Hartman - guitars
John Lawry - keyboards
Louie Weaver - drums
Ronny Cates - bass guitar
John Schlitt - lead vocals

additional background vocals: Jamie Rowe, Ron Gollner, Tony Palacios, Rob Rock, Sara Tennison, Doug Beiden, Rose Stone, Alfie Silvas, Olivia McClurkin, Perry Morgan, Howard McCrary, Alfred McCrary

produced by John and Dino Elefante

art direction: Loren Balman, Patrick Pollei & Ed Goble
design: Patrick Pollei, Steve Fryer & Michael Goldenberg

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cover art:
This cover is predominantly blue; the sky is the main feature. The subject of the picture is a long row of modern-style windmills; just propellers on poles coming out of the ground. (Reportedly these windmills are near Livermore, California.) The word "PETRA" is written in orange letters to the left of the central windmill, and the words "unseen power" are written directly below in white. The back cover is a neat picture of a landscape and the sky with pictures of the band members superimposed in overlapping rectangles of varying shapes. Inside there are some very nice pictures of the individual band members; if all you want is good pix of the guys this is the one to get. (Bob with short hair???)

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Michael's review:
This album holds a lot of surprises; take for instance the Petrafied version of the black gospel song "Who's On The Lord's Side", or the surprisingly cross-overable "Hand On My Heart", which is a tribute to Smokey Robinson. "I Need To Hear From You" is the cry that probably every one of us has prayed at one time or another: "I've been away for a little while, and I don't like where it takes me, out of touch, I'm going out of my mind; it's these times that really break me. So here I am all alone, I'm waiting on you; just a word will get me through. I need to hear from you before this night is through... so I'm waiting, waiting just to hear from you." "Dance" (with the One Who brung 'ya) is a warning not to exploit success that you obtain because of the blessings of God; also a good warning for someone who would like to become involved in CCM and then step out of it to a non-ministry secular career. "Secret Weapon" is about (guess what) prayer (somehow I get the ideas these guys think this is important?). "Hey World" is a terrific pro-life song; the chorus is from the fetus' point of view: "Hey world, I am here and I have something to give! Hey world, I'm alive and I am wanting to live!" Another terrific album... but then again, where would you look to find a bad Petra album?
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Cathy's review:
This album has to one of my favs. Not just because I was involved with the shooting of the video "Destiny"... but because it shows the true diversity with the vocals and musicianship. The CD starts with chimes that take you back to maybe say... an old English church. Then... all of a sudden it's time to rock! Most of the songs on the album are very different in style and sound. What you hear with the first song does not necessarily coincide with the next. One song that exemplifies the sound of "Petra" is "Ready, Willing and Able". Bob uses his signature guitar riffs and style. This song really also describes the band's heart and enthusiasm for ministry... and I like that!! One other song that I really like for its surprising groove factor is "Hand on my Heart". I remember the first time I heard it I thought, "Where did they meet Smokey Robison?" But nope... it was John showing that he can motown just like the rest. The music really took me back to when I was a little kid and my parents would put in their favorite Platters album :)! If you like a good rockin' high note, then you will like "Secret Weapon"... WOOOOOAAAH! The album ends on a prayerful note. "In the Likeness of You" which should be our cry to be just like Jesus. I will say that beacuse of the diversity of the album it does not consistantly stick to the actual "Unseen Power" theme, which most of the time I like the music to be consistant with the theme. Although, I will say the music never lacks in detail and quality. The production on this album is very good. I think that if you like a change of pace and you want to just take a musical vacation, this album is your speed. My rating for this album is 3.5 out of 4!
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