Washes Whiter Than
(Star Song, 1979)

I'm Thankful [buy WMA]
Why Should The Father Bother? [buy WMA]
Morning Star [buy WMA]
Magic Mirror [buy WMA]
Mary's Song [buy WMA]
Yahweh Love [buy WMA]
(Couldn't Find Love) Without You
Taste And See [buy WMA]
Magic Words
Deep Love [buy WMA]

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all songs written by Bob Hartman unless otherwise indicated

note: "(Couldn't Find Love) Without You" and "Magic Words" were left off the CD version for some reason, assumedly length. These are good songs and not to be missed; I recommend you invest in the cassette also.

Bob Hartman - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Rob Frazier - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Greg X. Volz - Vocals

"The Crown of Sound": Bob Prince
Keyboards: George Atwell
Guitar: Gerald "Jit" Byron
Guitar: Joel Balin
Bass: Chip Meyers
Drums and Percussion: Randy Nichols

produced by George Atwell

strings and horns arranged and conducted by George Atwell

album design and artwork: George Werth

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cover art:
This album cover has the inevitable laundry detergent motif to it: "new improved PETRA" across the top, "Washes Whiter Than" across the bottom, and an old-timey washbasin with ringer attached in the middle in a circle, soap bubbles and all. The "side" of the "box" contains the names of the songs, and then the statement "The Active Cleansing Agent In This Product Is The Good News Of Jesus Christ, Which `Washes Whiter Than'..." and in a throwback to the now somewhat ancient days of record albums, the bottom of the box side says "33 1/3 RPM". On the back cover the word "PETRA" appears again centered, and at the top of the picture is a quote of Malachi 3:2, Living Bible: "But who can live when He appears? Who can endure His coming? For He is like a blazing fire refining precious metal and He can bleach the dirtiest garment."

Michael's review:
Apparently the guys were tired of making albums that were considered "unacceptable" by the mainstream Christian listening public... this one is by far less rocky than the earlier efforts, a little more of a "pop" record. The songs are still terrific, though, from the beautiful "Why Should The Father Bother?" and "Yahweh Love" to the (relative) rockers "Morning Star" and "Magic Words" to the reverent "Deep Love". "Why Should The Father Bother?" was their first radio hit: "Why should the Father bother to call us His children? Why should the Spirit hear it when we pray? Why should the Father bother to be concerned with all our needs? It's all because of what the Son has done." This one probably won't blast your ears off with sheer power, but it will uplift you and encourage you, and the ballads on this one are among Petra's prettiest.
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