Beyond Belief
(Dayspring [Word], 1990)

Armed And Dangerous [buy WMA]
I Am On The Rock [buy WMA]
Creed [buy WMA]
Beyond Belief [buy WMA]
Love [buy WMA]
Underground [buy WMA]
Seen And Not Heard [buy WMA]
Last Daze [buy WMA]
What's In A Name [buy WMA]
Prayer [buy WMA]

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all songs written by Bob Hartman unless otherwise indicated

Bob Hartman - guitars
John Lawry - keyboards
Ronny Cates - bass guitar
Louie Weaver - drums
John Schlitt - lead vocals

background vocals - John Elefante, Dave Amato, Dino Elefante and John Schlitt
background vocals on "Love" by Walt Harrah and the Los Alamitos Congregational Choir
additional keyboards by John Andrew Schreiner

produced by John and Dino Elefante

art direction: Buddy Jackson
design: B. Middleworth/Jackson Design

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cover art:
This predominantly brown album cover is a picture of the guys inside a big airplane hangar in front of the doorway which is lighting them from the back. The plane is huge, and the letters "ANG" are on the tail. The back cover is more of the plane, and there is a good picture of the band inside. This cover also contains the first use of lower-case letters since Washes Whiter Than. "petra" "beyond" and "belief" are black letters on orange stripes in the top right-hand corner, except for the "t" in "petra" which is white inside a red circle.

Michael's review:
The attack of the single-word song titles! If you go back and look you will find that up to this point no Petra album had more than two titles of only one word, and most had one or none. This album has four: "Prayer", "Love" (Petra's version of I Corinthians 13), "Creed" (Petra's version of the Apostle's Creed), and "Underground". At any rate, you can expect this album to rock your socks off and leave you spiritually uplifted also, which seems to be something Petra is getting rather good at! And let's all pray that they keep it up for many years to come. The title track is one of my all-time Petra favorites, if only because the sound is so different. It's an exhortation to go on with God, 'cause it only gets better: "There's a higher place to go (beyond belief, beyond belief), where we reach the next plateau (beyond belief, beyond belief), and from faith to faith we grow towards the center of the flow where He beckons us to go, beyond belief, beyond belief!" A message of encouragement to bring tears to the eyes of a struggling Christian. Listeners (hopefully former listeners) of old KISS albums may recognize the monster guitar riff in "Seen And Not Heard", a song about living the life instead of running your mouth to draw the searching non-Christian into the kingdom (Bob Hartman has since stated that he did not realize he was using a riff from a KISS song). "Armed And Dangerous" kicks off with a stereo effect that is... well, let's just say I've used it lots of times to make sure my speakers are hooked up right. A terrific album, worth it if just for "Armed And Dangerous", "I Am On The Rock" and "Beyond Belief".
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