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joined Petra: 1986   

hear him on: Back To The Street (1986), This Means War! (1987), On Fire! (1988), Petra Praise · The Rock Cries Out (1989), Beyond Belief (1990), Unseen Power (1991), Wake-Up Call (1993), No Doubt (1995), Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus (1997), God Fixation (1998), Double Take (2000), Revival (2001), Jekyll & Hyde (2003), Petra Farewell (2005), Vertical Expressions (2007)

John Schlitt

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John gave (most of) these answers to me in 1998.


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What is your birthdate?
February 3, 1950
Where were you born?
Where did you grow up?
Mt. Pulaski, Illinois
What town did you consider your home?
Mt. Pulaski, Illinois
First shave?
Age 13
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Most despised vegetable?
Okra (it's poison)
Brush with greatness?
Three points from a Billboard Top 40 single with Head East


What is your wife's name?
Dorla (Froelich)
What is your anniversary date?
August 28th
Kids' names & ages?
daughter Kari, 42
son John, 37
son Kris, 33
son Krey, 27
Do you have any pets?
"Pookie" Debroodro Oreo Schlitt, our "Warrior Princess" a Shih Tzu 2 Yrs. old.
(Fred the Siamese fighting fish is, regrettably, deceased. L)
Do your wife, children, or pets ever tour with you?
Traveling on a tour bus makes it very difficult for families to tour. Kari made a short trip when a couple of wives were along and there was room. Over the years the boys have gone on short weekend trips with their dad - room permitting and as they became old enough. Kris at 14 traveled this summer with the band as an extra crew person and Louie's drum tech. Kris is a drummer and was a big help. He really enjoyed it as well.


What is your music background?
Lead vocalist for Petra since 1986. Lead vocalist for Head East. First band, age 13: "Vinegar Hill's Hometown Band, 'Something Different' "
What was the first instrument you learned?
What other instruments do you play?
Are there instruments that you play so badly that you would never play them in public?
piano and guitar
Do you have any comments on Petra Praise 2? The songs, the record sessions, working with Lou Gramm?
The whole project was exciting!
Pros and cons of being a musician:
John says...
Pro: "For a father of four, having lengthy quiet time to read is a pro."
Con: "Being a musician is physically demanding."
Dorla (John's wife) says...
Pro: "Food bill goes down considerably."
Con: "Pressure of managing four children, ages 3-17, increases."
Advice to young musicians:
"Don't despise small beginnings. Know that if God has put it on your heart to be a musician, it is an awesome responsibility and takes a lot of preparation and work. But, it is very rewarding in so many different ways."

High School

What high school did you go to?
Mt. Pulaski High School, Mt. Pulaski, Illinois
What was the school mascot?
Mt. Pulaski Hilltoppers
What year did you graduate?
What were you like in high school?
Outgoing and friendly
an earlier answer to the same question:
Friendly, outgoing, ambitious, energetic, and UGLY
What extracurricular activities were you involved in?
Basketball - until I had to cut my hair if I wanted to play
Everything! All sports, drum major in marching band
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Astronaut or musician
Most influential person in high school?
Favorite subject?
What did you struggle with in high school?
What is your best high school memory?
Noticing my future wife in freshman study hall
What would you most like to forget?
Everything else about study hall


What college did you go to?
Graduated from University of Illinois
What did you study?
Aeronautical Astronomical Engineering until cuts in space program, then Civil Engineering
What degree(s)?
Civil engineering
What were you like in college?
I was truly interested in singing but wanted to get my degree to please my parents.
What extracurricular activities were you involved in?
Head East
What did you hope to do after graduating?
Did you do it right away?
What did you struggle with in college?
Trying to attend class when I was traveling and doing dates with Head East every weekend.
What is your best college memory?
Being with Dorla.
What is your worst?
Knowing I could do better but not having enough time to do it.


What are your hobbies?
carpentry, woodworking
Favorite Scripture?
What is your all-time favorite Petra song? Why?
"Prayer", Very personal and says it all.
Recent read:
Listening to:
fall 1993: Christian radio

Heavy-Duty Stuff

What is the hardest struggle you have ever faced? How was it resolved?
The worst financial struggle I ever faced was when I was kicked out of Head East and I realized I had put the band ahead of everthing else. Actually, God used it to bring me to Christ and I began to get my priorities right.
What was the saddest you ever felt? How did you get over it?
Same as above.
What scriptures do you go to when you are facing a hard situation?
James is my very favorite book.
"I wish someone would have told me..."
...that alcoholism can sneak up on you when you think you're having fun
...about the real Jesus, instead of just religious do's and don'ts
Do you have any advice for young people?
Give God a chance!!!

Click here to visit John's web site!

Click here to visit John's web site!

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