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from Vertical Expressions:
Lord I Lift Your Name On High (live)

from Petra Farewell:
Amazing Grace
Rock Medley: Sight Unseen/It Is Finished/Think Twice/I Am On The Rock/Midnight Oil/Mine Field/This Means War/It Is Finished
Jekyll & Hyde
Grave Robber
Beyond Belief

from Jekyll & Hyde:
Jekyll And Hyde
It's All About Who You Know
Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda
Perfect World
Test Of Time
I Will Seek You
Life As We Know It
'Till Everything I Do
Sacred Trust

from Revival:
Send Revival, Start With Me
The Noise We Make
Jesus Friend Of Sinners
Better Is One Day
Meet With Me
We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
How Long

from Double Take:
Judas Kiss
The Coloring Song
The Longing
Beat the System
Breathe In
Just Reach Out

from God Fixation:
If I Had to Die For Someone
A Matter of Time
Over the Horizon
God Fixation
Set For Life

from Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus:
Song of Moses
Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
I Love You Lord
The Holiest Name
Let Your Voices Rise Like Incense
Ancient of Days
I Waited For The Lord
Lovely Lord
Medley (Only By Grace, To Him Who Sits On The Throne, You Are Holy)
We Need Jesus

from No Doubt:
Enter In
Heart of a Hero
No Doubt
Right Place
We Hold Our Hearts Out to You

from Wake-Up Call:
Midnight Oil
Underneath the Blood
Sleeping Giant

from Unseen Power:
Who's On The Lord's Side
Ready, Willing And Able
Hand On My Heart
Sight Unseen
Hey World
In The Likeness Of You

from Beyond Belief:
I Am On The Rock
Beyond Belief
Seen And Not Heard
Last Daze

from Petra Praise · The Rock Cries Out:
I Love The Lord
King of Kings
Jesus, Jesus, Glorious One
The Battle Belongs To The Lord
Take Me In
Salvation Belongs To Our God
No Weapon Formed Against Us
I Will Celebrate/When The Spirit Of The Lord
I Will Sing Praise
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Friends (All In The Family Of God)
I Will Call Upon The Lord
We Exalt Thee

from On Fire!:
All Fired Up
Hit You Where You Live
Mine Field
First Love
Counsel Of The Holy
Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name
Open Book

from This Means War!:
This Means War!
He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man
I Am Available
Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
Dead Reckoning
All The King's Horses

from Back To The Street:
Back To The Street
King's Ransom

from Captured in Time & Space:
Grave Robber
Mellow Medley (Coloring Song/Road To Zion/More Power To Ya)
John's Solo/Jesus Loves You/The Race
Bob's Solo
Louie's Solo
God Gave Rock & Roll
The Praise Medley (Let Everything That Hath Breath/Without Him We Can Do Nothing/Praise Ye The Lord/Hallelujah Chorus)
The Great I Am
It Is Finished

from Beat The System:
Beat The System
It Is Finished
Voice In The Wind
God Gave Rock And Roll To You
Witch Hunt
Hollow Eyes

from Not Of This World:
Visions (Doxology)
Not Of This World
Bema Seat
Grave Robber
Not By Sight
Pied Piper

from More Power To Ya:
More Power To Ya
Judas' Kiss
Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
All Over Me
Let Everything That Hath Breath
Road To Zion

from Never Say Die:
The Coloring Song
Angel of Light
Without Him We Can Do Nothing
Never Say Die
For Annie
Praise Ye The Lord

from Washes Whiter Than:
I'm Thankful
Why Should The Father Bother?
Mary's Song

from Come And Join Us:
God Gave Rock And Roll To You
Woman Don't You Know

from Petra:
Get Back To The Bible
Parting Thought
Lucas McGraw

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