Tributes to Petra

People all over the world love Petra... old people, young people, people speaking other languages, all kinds. When Petra's retirement was announced on May 12, 2005, there was a tremendous outpouring of emotion from the Pethead community. Here are just a few of the responses to the announcement, starting with mine and Cathy's.
John Schlitt's announcement · Official Petra site

Michael's tribute page · Cathy's tribute page

Tributes posted by:

Paul Isaak Pulamte
Aaron Snowberger
Audun Reed
Bianca Klock
Billy Slaughter
Brent Rawlings
C Moore
Chuck Walden
criss cozma
Dan Reynolds
David Griffin
DJ Ghost (Joseph S. Bernath)
Eber Morilha
Edwin Lopez Soto
eloisa palacios (epdc)
Enosh Fee
Erlend Fiddan
Fernando Morales
Frank Kane
Gaz Man
George Dragomir
Haji Arumae
Janet Flanders
Jay Cook
jeff baker
Jeff-Paul Steudler
Jefferson Clow
Jerold Wenger
Jim Erskin
john slick
Jorge A. Rivera Matias
Jose R
Kobra Stryke
Kurt D. Schanaman
Leah Robb
Lenita Davis
Lilliana Aguilar
Luis Felipe Diaz
Matt Miazga
Micha Zimmermann
michael carter
Michael Janke
Michelle Morrison
Mike Welch1
Pete Tobey
Peter Beimers
Peter Vidal1
Prabhu Barrow
Raquel Edwards
Reuben Smith
Richard Wilson
robert rogers
Rod Bain
Rodrigo de Lima Ferreira
Roger Vendramine
Romulo Pereira
Ryan West
Sam Wilson
stan broniszewski
Stephen Scott
Steve Benson
Steve Moritz
Tim Fullmer
Tim Serdynski
Tommy Starnes
wayne mitchell
Yohan Henry
Zé Adriano

Mike Janke's blog entry · "Reoracer" Jen's blog entry · Tim Challies' blog entry
another page listing a few testimonies

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