Petra/Kansas Connections

Over the years, Petra has had a lot of brushes with mainstream rock band Kansas. Those familiar with the history of Kansas will know that Kerry Livgren, founding member and one of the principal songwriters, became a Christian at the height of Kansas' fame, and several of Kansas' albums have content that is arguably more "Christian" than many of the albums produced in the Christian market through the years. There are a lot of connections and similarities between Petra and Kansas. For example:

Connection Petra Kansas
First album release year 1974 1974
One dominant songwriter Bob Hartman Kerry Livgren
Lead singer change in early 80s 1985: Greg X. Volz out, John W. Schlitt in 1982: Steve Walsh out, John Elefante in
Recorded only one cover song, which was from a giant in their genre Keith Green's "I Don't Want To Fall Away From You" on No Compromise 1992 tribute album to Keith Green The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" on their Always Never The Same CD
John Elefante producer/songwriter during late 80's/early 90's lead singer/songwriter for several years when original lead singer quit
Rob Frazier 1979: co-lead singer of Petra 1982: wrote "Play The Game Tonight" for Kansas
Compilation albums many many (but not as many as Petra)
Here's one more, from a 1982 CCM Magazine article: "For their fall Not of This World Tour, they assembles one of the most ambitious and integrated light and sound shows ever put on the road in Christian music. In addition to over 50 lights they now have, the band is adding the lighting disc given to them by Kansas (who used it on the 1980 Audio-Visions tour)."

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