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I hope this becomes a great place to make new friends and talk about the band! Please feel free to stop by any time of the day or night... bookmark this page and check it out whenever you're online! It's bound to be empty at times, but I think there will also be times when lots of people will be around to talk to. Whenever I log in myself, I'll be "NotHartman", so you can say hi!

The chat room's workings are actually very simple. Just type a nickname that you want to use in the box, and chat away! You can use any old name you want to call yourself... but please, in the spirit of Christianity and Christian music, let's not use language that will offend people, and let's not try to trick people into thinking we're John Schlitt and Louie Weaver. Be honest, okay? :->

Petra Chat Central!

channel name: Rock_Band_Petra

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Your visitors will be able to chat with mine. Isn't that COOL?

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