Here are a couple of videos of the various versions of God Gave Rock & Roll To You that have been recorded through the years. The original version by Argent does not have a video, to my knowledge... it was recorded long before the "video era." The first Petra version from Come and Join Us was also long before those days. The version on Beat the System was during the right time period, but Christian labels were just getting started with music video... the only video I know of from that album is for the title track.

The next album, Captured in Time & Space, was 100% taped for video. Here's the version on that tape:

A few years later, secular band KISS recorded the song... same chorus as Argent's and Petra's versions, but totally different verses from either. Here's that song:

A year or two after THAT, Christian rap group D.O.C. enlisted the help of heavy metal screamers Bride to create this early rapcore version (with rap verses, but the same old chorus):

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