Petra: Ray's Concert Review

Set List:
No Doubt
Beyond Belief
Right Place
Praying Man
Show Your Power
(and more)
We Need Jesus Tour
September 12th, 1997
Abraham Chavez Theatre
El Paso, Texas

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My first Petra concert, I couldn't believe I was finally at a Petra concert, great show. I found myself yelling (cheering) a lot. It's been 6 years and I never forgot it. I'll never forget the first time I saw the advertisement on the newspaper, I was stoked. A couple of acts played, like 3, then they began with I think it was "Armed And Dangerous" and Schlitt sat on the edge of the stage and pointed at me cause I think I was going wild or jumping way too high. Bassist Lonnie Chapin was jumping around like crazy which was cool, the crowd would sing along with "Beyond Belief", or Schlitt would make one side of the audience sing with him and the other side Orta, Brandow, and Chapin. Chapin played drums with Weaver on the song "I Love You Lord", and that looked and song way cool. They ended the concert with "Praying Man". But then this is what makes me proud to be a Pethead: the auditorium is dark the last song was played, but then in crescendo, people started chanting Petra, Petra, Petra!! And boom, they return with "Right Place" hammering my ears. Man, it was a memorable night and I'm sorry I couldn't go into much more detail but as a Pethead, I couldn't have have been more happy, what a show!!

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