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There's lots of Petra stuff out there... twenty or so albums, a book, t-shirts, and who knows what all else. Much of it can be purchased on the Internet, and more of it can be purchased through the mail. If you can't find it in your friendly neighborhood Christian bookstore, or if you can't make it out to a concert, here's your place to look! You can get EVERY PETRA ALBUM from at least one, and usually more than one, of these online merchants (even the oddly popular War & Remembrance boxed set)... look around for a while and see what you can find! Oh... and if it's t-shirts or posters or something you're interested in, you may have some luck looking here.

NEWS FLASH! is having an "Everything Three Ninety Nine" sale... and some CDs of interest to Petra fans are in there! You can get Petra's Double Take CD for $3.99, or No Doubt or God Fixation CDs for $1.99 each, or you can pick up the Never Say Dinosaur tribute album or Rock of 80's, which contains vocals by John Schlitt and guitar work by Bob Hartman (read about it here) for $1.99... or a host of other non-Petra Christian CDs, each for $3.99 or less!

Click here to visit the sale!

The List!

Direct links to every single Petra album for sale!

By the way... I appreciate any purchases you make from,, ChristianDiscs, or Sheet Music Plus that you make when following links from this site pages. If you buy something that way, even if it's not a Petra album, I will receive a small commission for my efforts in putting these pages together. But I do understand that not everybody wants to buy from those places, so I have assembled a list of stores that carry Petra albums, and many times videos as well. Follow these links to those places.

Places to buy Petra albums:

For some time I have wanted to use a Christian music store as my primary source of Petra CDs. has a selection that includes all of Petra's albums... not just the most recent ones! The time has come... shop!

Petra albums at

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In Association with
I set up links to mainly so people would be able to easily purchase Bob Hartman's book, More Power To Ya: the Petra Devotional... but as it turns out, they do have a good selection of Petra's CDs as well. Check it out!

Petra albums at

ChristianDiscs has all of Petra's albums, plus they specialize in hard-to-find Christian rock from the past and present. If it's older or more obscure stuff you want, this is the place for you!

Petra albums at ChristianDiscs
Sheet Music Plus

You can buy sheet music for several of Petra's albums (and some songbooks with lots of songs) at Sheet Music Plus... Click here for the list of music books from Petra! (Note: the result will display some non-Petra music as well... for example, some books by someone called "Petracci"!)

Petra albums at Sheet Music Plus

Christian Digital Music
real deals on used CDs, and new CDs for sale too
Catalog Listing M through R

The Crossing
good selection of used copies of Petra's albums. They also have a cool "notify me" feature that can send you an email when they get in a copy of an out-of-stock item
Petra stuff
always a great source for rare (and not-as-rare) CCM... but they do know what their stuff is worth, so expect to pay for it!
Petra stuff

Rock Solid Music
another good source of the rare stuff
Catalog Listing O-P-Q

Often there is Petra stuff on up for auction. CAUTION: there are a number of fashion (and other kinds of) models with the first name of "Petra", so be careful; make sure you are clicking on something from the band and not an offensive photograph!

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