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  • Captured in Time and Space (live concert video) (out of print) (same material released as Beat the System video)
  • On Fire Video Event (out of print)
  • Beyond Belief Video Album
    includes these videos:
    • Creed
    • Love
    • Beyond Belief
    • Seen And Not Heard
    • I Am On The Rock
    • Armed And Dangerous
  • Backstage Pass (material from Unseen Power)
  • Wake-Up Call Video Collection  Click here to buy it from CD Now
    includes these videos:
    • Midnight Oil
    • Just Reach Out
    • Creed
    • Love
    • Seen and Not Heard
    • Dance
    • Sight Unseen
    • Destiny
    • In the Likeness of You
    • I Need to Hear from You
    Lighthouse Electronic Magazine review
(there is a list of videos on this page)

other versions of albums:

  • Petra Praise spanish version Petra En Alabanza  buy it from musicforce.com
  • Petra Praise tracks-only version
  • Petra Youth Choir Collection, Vols I and II
Arr & Produced by John Lee, Exec Producer Dennis Worley

Petra Youth Choir Collection, Vol. I

Doxology/Praise Ye The Lord
Why Should The Father Bother?
Never Say Die
Not Of This World
More Power To Ya
Stand Up/Lift Him Up
The Coloring Song
Grave Robber
Not By Sight
Road To Zion

videos | other versions of albums | solo projects | songs on other projects | the tribute album

solo projects:

Several past and present members have led double lives as solo artists...

songs on other projects:

  • "Our Turn Now" from Carman's Addicted to Jesus album  buy it from musicforce.com
  • "Onward Christian Soldiers" on Our Hymns various artists album  buy it from musicforce.com
  • Bob Hartman and John Schlitt in title track from Geoff Moore and the Distance's A Place To Stand album. Now you can buy an album called Rock of 80's, Vol. 1 that contains the song with Bob and John in it!
  • Bob Hartman contributed the guitar solo to One Bad Pig's cover version of "Judas' Kiss" (on their Swine Flew album)
  • "I Don't Want To Fall Away From You" on No Compromise '92 tribute album to Keith Green
  • John Schlitt and Louie Weaver are on Frontline Music Group's Breakaway Praise 1 album 

videos | other versions of albums | solo projects | songs on other projects | the tribute album

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