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Have you been to a Petra concert lately? Tell us about it here! Make sure you include some good details (anyone can write a review that says "PETRA ROX!!!!"... tell us what Petra did that rocked!) Also note that this is not the place for (1) personal messages to the band (they won't see them), or (2) questions of any kind (send an email instead), or (3) comments or announcements about a concert that has not happened yet.

You ARE very welcome to write a review of a II Guys From Petra concert here! Just make it clear in your review that it's II Guys and not "officially" Petra, just so nobody gets confused.

Please remember... no bad language, and no HTML. These entries will be reviewed before they are available to the public. Your email address will never be displayed on this site; please enter it in case there is a problem.

THIS SITE IS IN ENGLISH. I do not read Spanish or any other language fluently enough to make sure you are not posting something offensive. Entries that are not in English are subject to being mangled by Babelfish or deleted without ever being displayed.

No submissions will be accepted without a valid email address.

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Bible verses about

April 29th, 2012 in Bartlesville, OK

September 7th, 2007 in Thunder Bay, Ontario

August 17th, 1995 in Wichita, Kansas

in Worcester, MA

November 29th, 2005 in T√łnsberg

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Petra Praise · The Rock Cries Out reviewed by Gene Paul

Beyond Belief reviewed by Gene Paul

No Doubt reviewed by Gene Paul

Unseen Power reviewed by Gene Paul

This Means War! reviewed by Hareball

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Beyond Belief
(566 votes)
On Fire!
(352 votes)
This Means War!
(337 votes)
Unseen Power
(323 votes)
Jekyll & Hyde
(258 votes)

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Double Take
(379 votes)
God Fixation
(305 votes)
(289 votes)
Come And Join Us
(254 votes)
Washes Whiter Than
(247 votes)
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Jekyll & Hyde
(52 reviews)

Beyond Belief
(18 reviews)

More Power To Ya
(18 reviews)

On Fire!
(16 reviews)

This Means War!
(15 reviews)

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