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This is a picture of Jonathan (standing, right, with Twilight Zone t-shirt) with well-known Christian vocalist Twila Paris (seated, wearing blue sweats) and a flurry of other CCM studio legends: left to right, they are Jerry MacPherson (Amy Grant's main guitar man), Smitty Price (keyboards), John Patitucci (the world's #1 bass player - according to Guitar Player magazine and others), Twila, Jonathan, and Mark Hammond (Drums - programmer for Keith Thomas).

Jonathan worked on Twila's albums Keepin' My Eyes On You, The Warrior Is A Child, Kingdom Seekers, Same Girl, For Every Heart, and It's The Thought.

Jonathan with Twila Paris

Jonathan with Glen Campbell This is Jonathan (left) with country legend Glen Campbell. That's Jonathan's wife Rachel on the couch in the background.

This is Jonathan's family: left to right: Jesse, Sharon, wife Rachel, Jonathan and Susanna. Read about them on this page. Jonathan with his family

I expect to have several more pictures of Jonathan soon... stay tuned!

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