Pass The Flame

written by John Elefante, Dino Elefante, and George Marinelli. Jr.

This song was going through Mikey's daddy's head the whole time they were in the hospital; you are about to read the first verse and chorus. It is about how we each have to teach the next generation about Jesus... that's how we "pass the flame." Now every time Michael hears this song he cries. Remember... Mikey was born at 2:25 am... (click here for an MP3 clip)

Three a.m. a baby boy; a new life began
I held him in my arms and knew one day he'd be a man
And soon I'd have to tell him that this world is not our home
We must give our lives to Jesus; we are not our own

  But for now just let me hold you a little while
Let me adore you while you sleep
Thank You, Lord, for such an angel
Make him Yours to keep
And then I whispered in his ear
There is something you must hear

Any way the wind blows
Don't you think that God knows
We must pass the flame
We must pass the flame
We are the light in a darkened world
We are the fire on the arrow
We must pass the flame
We must pass the flame

...And Lord, help us teach Your children well
And turn embers into fire
Make Your love their soul desire

This song was recorded on John Elefante's album Defying Gravity.
Click here to listen to a sound clip and have the chance to buy it from!

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