Pictures of Mikey

All of these pictures except one were snapshots taken of Mikey in the hospital; in all of these photos he is less than two days old. Note: the large picture on the main page is his hospital picture...

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The photo at left is maybe the cutest picture of Mikey in the bunch. The red mark on his lip is called a "stork-bite"... he has another one in the middle of his forehead. Stork-bites generally fade as the child gets older. I don't think anyone knows what actually causes them. That's Cathy with him...

...and that's Cathy with him in the photo at right as well. It was taken right after we arrived home from the hospital.

This is Mikey with his daddy Michael. This picture was taken in the delivery room, so Mikey is less than two HOURS old in this shot (and Michael is dog-tired! Notice how he can never get in a picture with a newborn and have his hair straight?)

Why does the picture at right remind me of the old TV show Hogan's Heroes? "HOOO-GAAAAAAN!!!"

Just so you'll know Mikey wasn't REALLY yelling in that picture on the front page... this is him with Mommy in a BIIIIIIIG yawn!!

(See... this is the picture on the front page. I just flipped it because I thought it looked better for the heading...)

This is the rest of the Hogan's Heroes picture. The little girl to the left is his older cousin Elizabeth; the big white shirt at the top of the picture belongs to daddy Michael's brother Kevin (Elizabeth's daddy).

This is Mikey with his paternal grandma Maria. He squished up his face like that when she told him he should call her "Mimi"! NOOOO... I'm just kidding. Although she does like for her grandkids to call her Mimi, I think Mikey was just not quite up to speed with visitors yet when this photo was taken.

And last but not least, this is what Cathy looked like for most of her hospital stay. Everybody was so excited about the new baby that she and Michael could hardly get any rest for answering the phone! Eventually they realized that they would have to actually unplug the thing to get any sleep during the day. But if you look at Cathy's face, you can tell she is enjoying getting to talk to friends and family members that she doesn't get to speak to that often!

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