Pictures of Mikey

These pictures of Mikey were taken when he was about 3½ months old. The first three are professional portraits taken at a Sears Portrait Studio...

Birth · 3½ Months · 6 Months · 12 Months · 19 Months

(LEFT): "Look at how cute I am... cute as a button! In fact, I'm cute as THESE buttons!"

(BOTTOM): "I'm so CUTE... SO cute!!!"

Some recent snapshots of Mikey...

You're saying you came to look at me?

Well, good for you... I'm worth it!

Here, watch me climb this steep slope...

Hey, who is that good-looking guy?          

          Hey, who is that good-looking guy?

I'm going to kick the TAR out of that Tigger!

Spending some quality time with Daddy...

...and some with Mommy!

Someone's interrupting me
by taking pictures!

Now back to what's important: finding a
good place on Daddy's shirt to spit up on...

Isn't my mommy PRETTY?

HEY... this Web page stuff is FUN!!!

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